1. What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our product we do not offer refunds or exchanges except in the receipt of damaged goods. If for any reason you receive a damaged product please immediately send us an email with a picture of your damaged shipment and receipt to QueenSupreme01@gmail.com

2. How long does my order take to process?

Upon receiving your order confirmation email processing and shipping can take between 2-4 business days.

3. What shipping methods are available?

USPS First Class 
USPS Priority Mail

4. Does QueenSupreme ship outside of the United States?


5. Does QueenSupreme offer professional MUA discount?

Yes, QueenSupreme offers professional makeup artists a 30% off discount off their entire order.

To apply: use the contact us form and label the subject line "Professional MUA Program"

6. Am I eligible for the Professional MUA program?

Credentials are required to participate in the MUA program, at least two of the following must be presented for consideration.

  • Makeup artist business card
  • Agency comp card
  • Magazine tear sheet with your name credit
  • Professional License

7. How Do I Apply False Eyelashes?

  • Carefully remove first lash from lash tray.
  • Hold lash to your eye and measure whether the lash should be trimmed. (use scissors to cut the lash to fit your eye shape)
  • Apply lash adhesive along lash band and allow glue to sit for about 30 seconds or until glue becomes tacky.
  • Curl your eyelashes (be careful with the over use of mascara on your lashes)
  • Use tweezers, eyelash applicator or hands  to place lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, start from center, then inner, then outer side.
  • Apply liner to fill in any gaps (optional).

8. Are my Mink lashes reusable?

Yes, you can use your lashes up to 20 times.

9. How do I safely remove my lashes?

First, always remember no TUGGING on your falsies when you are removing them from your eye lash line. carefully try to lift your lash from the corner working your way into the center and then onto the last corner of your eye for proper removal. If for any reason you may be having difficulty removing your lashes simply dab a non oil based makeup remover onto the lash adhesive along your lash line with a cotton swab to soften it up, Then carefully remove your lashes.

10. How do I care for my eyelashes?

  •  Remove glue build up after 3 wears, this can be done by holding your mink lash at the base and gently removing the lash glue with your fingers.
  • Store your lashes in their original tray..